Optimizing Websites For Mobile Devices

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More than a decade ago, the iPhone transformed the way we do browsing. Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple when he was launching iPhone to the world for the first time said that the future needed a wide screen iPod with touch controls, revolutionary mobile phone and breathtaking internet connections. But when the time came to unveil the products, he only had one device that could perform three separate functions and that was the birth of smartphones that revolutionized the way we browse on the internet.

In the modern world web developers and owners have to ensure that their websites are mobile friendly. Responsive web design is the way to go as it makes it possible to develop websites that work across several platforms. There are also many other alternatives like UX optimization strategies for mobile. There is a very strong emphasis for developing your website so that it becomes mobile- first experience. This simply means that the design and content should be optimized for users first. Listed below are some of the best ways to optimize your website for mobile users.

Designing with mobile in mind

Most of the websites are being developed with the principle of serving desktop users. Real web in real advanced technologies is best displayed on a full screen. Smartphones are a different thing and developers are starting to adopt to the concept of mobile first design. Prioritization is very important when developing mobile first web designs. This is because mobile screens present content in a vertical manner as opposed to horizontal structure. This implies that you must design using prioritization. You also need to consider the content before color. Make the content easily readable and accessible this is because a mobile device is far much less forgiving on distractive visual elements. You can’t just click anywhere on a mobile device and return back to the home page unless the websites were developed with this kind of plan. There are many types of websites that were designed for desktop, but have adopted mobile design well. Some of the best escort sites like https://SkipTheGames.app along with other adult sites developed their sites to be optimized for mobile devices and now have a majority user base coming from that source.

Resource optimization

It is a very common phenomenon to go for visual elements however, the visual elements like photos, videos and icons are the biggest bandwidth of consumers on the web. As much as there isn’t a set of web pages that everyone must meet it is very common to go for smaller web page size that equals faster loading times. The best thing is to trim extra KBs or even MBs of your visual elements. For mobile devices there is no reason for images to go above 600-700 px range.

Reduce file size with compression where the image is optimized to reduce the number of colors that is present in the image. This can be done in a way that your photos do not lose their image quality but have their full size reduced drastically. You can also explore alternative file formats like the SVGs which can automatically be scale down to match the screen size.

Pre loading and lazy loading

It is highly recommended to load pages on media resources that take a significant amount of time to load. Pre loaders are basically ways of telling a browser that there is a potential navigation visit from page B to page A. keep it in mind that pre loading doesn’t always work and it is up to the browser to make the final decision. Certain factors such as device type and bandwidth are weighed individually. Some of the most common types of preloading include prefetch, pretender and DNS-prefetch among many more. When it comes to lazy loading the browser is forced to hold certain images or content files as opposed to fetching the entire content like in normal browsing.

Web catching

Web catching is based on a concept of a web page which is then presented to the user at any given time. The pages are cached upon the first visit once a new user tries to access the page then instead of showing the live version, the web server will show the cached version. The ultimate goal of any kind of caching is to improve on the performance of the website and required back end resources. Examples of this are the progressive web app pages also knows as PWA.

Accelerated mobile pages AMP

Googles AMP project is a mobile optimization project that is on steroids. AMP essentially strips down your pages to bare before it starts to provide super-fast loading experience. It also aims to make content readability a priority.…

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Challenges and Disadvantages of Groupware

August 11, 2020 at 8:42 pm by 123 Find A Web Designer | Posted in Mobile App Development

Groupware is clubbing of software for multiple purposes like various communications, productivity, and connections. Companies need groupware to make management effective. Designing perfect Groupware is the hardest challenge for software engineers. Some problems are not resolved and being experimented with startups and companies. Here are a few of the major challenges.

Challenges to overcome as a company

Having groupware is about connecting all employees in one platform. Most user-friendly platforms can still be new making people avoid usage of groupware unless trained. The awareness about groupware is still low and companies do not take a risk in opting for rare platforms. It is a proven fact that groupware, when utilized among a large number of people is the best way to bring together every person in the company from different departments. Though facial expressions and body language are missing through technology, this way helps them to have a minimum knowledge about fellow workers. This increases the sense of community among workers to put their best efforts. The popular dating app company Badoo utilized this to boost interconnectivity among employees in different departments. However, sometimes software designers cannot completely fulfill a company’s specifications. It might be difficult while using groupware. Using an experienced software increases the costs to combine more than 2 software. Earlier it was impossible to send a group message to everyone. Now, with more advanced technology groupware has more specialized designs than ever.

Challenges to overcome as a programmer

Programming different software into one is complex. Designing the software depends on the company or organization’s requirements. Sometimes more than two software needs to be combined. Experienced software engineers tie them together and increase simplicity for a user-friendly experience. The security system plays a crucial role in companies as cybercrime can damage the company. Having a strong security system needs knowledge on different skills. To be a groupware designer is about creating the organization, making it run smoothly and the staff being able to work in a better environment. Groupware plays a crucial role in the success of a company with a large number of employees. The groupware designed should be easy to use for new workers to adapt to the system. Programmers should stay connected with the company to make sure everything goes well. Only the creator of the groupware knows what is within the system and should always stay as a technical advisor for the same company. Two years back, overcoming these challenges would have been impossible. Now many programming languages are improvised, making it easy for programmers to design more complex systems. For example, when Skip The Games looked to expand into a mobile app they wanted a custom program that allowed them to easily develop content for top escort cities. This started with skip the games fayetteville page (found here) and evolved to other escort hot spots. With that expansion they needed more efficiency and security. This is a strong example of the challenges that arise specifically when operating in a gray market space like this particular app company.

Other disadvantages

Collaborative communication is lost in many projects. When an idea comes up, the team leader might change the outline himself. This reduces the involvement of every other member. In face-to-face communications, every member usually speaks up before decisions are taken. There still need to be improvements in understanding the technology aspects of running a company or project. The leadership skills become weak, making the whole project go in the wrong direction. In spite of advance improvements in software, this is one challenge that needs to be overcome by employees and their adaptation with technology. Small lenient mistakes can lead to financial loss for the company.…

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How to Hire a Freelance Web Designer Online

October 8, 2019 at 12:33 am by 123 Find A Web Designer | Posted in Freelance Web Design

Why do we need web designers?

Let’s say you are ready with an amazing product or service and you want the world to know about it, use it and experience it. One of the first things to do to put your product out in the market is design a website that has the power to reach, encourage thousands of people. Apart from the product your website should also be unique as it too is part of your endeavor. But, designing such a website is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are professionals who are solely dedicated to this purpose. They are called web designers. Many of them work on their own without any affiliation with any corporation. These people are called freelancers. Do you know how to find such a guy? Well, here you will find everything you need to know in order to hire them.

Things you should keep in mind while hiring a freelance web designer:

Now you might be thinking that hiring is very easy nowadays as you can search for the required type of candidate online. Many sites can help you with finding people who have the same interest. Well searching for a freelance web designer isn’t that easy, as you need someone who can envision your needs and to work so that the final product is as required by the clients. So there are few things you should keep in your mind while hiring a web designer which will help you get productive results.

Instead of using Google search as your best option, use your professional network in order to find a web designer. And eventually, you will get the one who is highly recommended and matches your criteria. There are many web designers available around the world who might be the perfect match for your website, but if you talk to those candidates in person rather than over Skype or anything, it’ll help you know about how much knowledge they really have on certain cases. Well, if you’re determined to hire someone over virtual networks, then get into google search and type ‘web design help’, this will help you in getting to know about various freelancing websites that have many candidates who have the same interests as yours.

  • Prioritize your goals for your website: so you need to have a clear vision of what exactly you want in your website, it might be an online selling business or writing information about things and many more options are there on which you can have your own website. So go on and search for the potential image that will fit your brand and interests. And then make your designer understand what exactly you want from them.That is trying to clarify why exactly you want to have a website and what kind of website and the category of the website too.
  • Create a proper vision board with your designer: that creates the types of colors, symbols or images or logos, font choices, different types of slogans that you want to use in your brands or marketing businesses. You can create an actual board or virtual board depending on your choice or preferences. It’s not about creating boards with some number of to-do things and then having no idea what you want to do with the website for the rest of your life.
  • Make a vision board of designs that you want to impose in your website: that is while creating your website you need to be clear that whether you want a website that will get updated regularly or do you prefer having a designer who can make a website out from the scratch. You need to understand what kind of features you want to add in your website that is number of pages, headers, footers, menus and many other visual elements that add up to make the website easy for surfing. Promote your website and ask your designer to get you to help with it.
  • Get a budget list: Creating a website is quite similar to building up a house, that needs many features in it but also in a particular budget range. Well, there will be two budget lists i.e. the 1st list is how much you can pay your web designer and the second list is how much you need to spend for the startup of your website. While hiring the designer try to know their knowledge on the category which is related to your website and how much time can they remain dedicated to the work and also their expectations to some extent and then decide how much amount you can pay them and what more can you expect. This helps in building a good budget along with a strong relationship between the owner and the hired web designer.

As you now know, these are a few of the ways in which you can find your idle freelance web designer. Although you will need time for finding the perfect web designer, but one can definitely find web designers who have the potential to create good designs as well as make the website look attractive.…

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Web Design Trends To Know

June 4, 2019 at 12:47 am by 123 Find A Web Designer | Posted in Web Design, Web Development

Although you may not be designing and developing a website yourself. It is always important to be an informed consumer. Of course a really good web designer will have a strong working knowledge of current trends that are driving websites. However, you may be saving some money and simply utilizing a web developer that has amazing technical skills. This would mean you need to be aware of effective design trends, especially ones that may be specific or identifiable to your product, service, or industry. This is a great succinct video that covers some of the web design trends populating the internet this year. Check it out:

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